The real definition of a crisis

30 May

In a crisis there are numerous actors and events tend to worsen extremely fast with an amplification of the respective scenarios or new ones emerging.

The police and whoever needs to come at the scene have the privilege to arrive after most casualties have occurred, leaving the installation and its employees on its own in the most critical moments of the crisis. It seems that most scenarios will either end by the time the police arrives or move to another area or end up in a hostage or suicide of the perpetrator.

I-sec 22 was developed in order to serve the organizations, its employees and all parties involved in the emergency the tools to become autonomous until the police arrive in order to increase survival  and manage the event on its own. In addition, the flow of information coming from those that act can serve the Police in knowing what to expect when they arrive on scene, hoping that this will fasten reaction time and neutralize the threat.

I-sec 22 delivers fir hand and direct assistance to those involved in the scenario so everyone knows what to do and can perform specific protocols for different scenarios

Consequently, the activities carried by the security department will be objective and reality based.

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