I-see 22 Is prevention a goal or the result of many proactive actions?

30 May

I -see 22 was developed in order to synchronize early warning with strategic surprise of the adversary. These 2 pillars are fundamental in detecting suspicious behavior as early as possible in order to mitigate the problem in the most surgical manner. Prevention is the result of substantial proactive activity devoted at attaining such objectives. This process is based on the human factor and I-see 22 has revolutionized the concept of observation and identification. Conventionally speaking observation is an activity that in some cases allows you to identify the threat. However, this process cannot take such long time and the process must be fast, accurate, objective and allow a rapid response.

I-see 22 supports the human factor by identifying threatening situations in an objective manner and, therefore, improving the decision making process. Our unique algorithm relies on the human factor and forces the operator to follow a methodology absent of distortions and predetermined patterns. I-see 22 is focused on finding irregular activity which seems regular.

I-see 22 can be used for identifying irregularities in different industries and areas of activity ranging from terror, security, safety, radicalization, violence and stalking.

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