I-see 22 in the service of identifying radicalization

30 May

The radicalization process which we have seen is usually a platform where many indicators are present but often connecting these dots becomes difficult. This difficulty is inherent in the fact that the platform and chain of command is not centralized and organizations are less worried about this phenomenon. It seems comfortable to deviate this responsibility to governmental organizations. In theory this is true, but in practice, radicalization takes place at work and around us. I-see 22 is the ultimate tool for identifying people which are on a path of radicalization and may eventually pose a threat to the security and safety of others. It is a false myth that radicalization only takes place on social networks or inside venues. An inside threat is definitely something of concern! In fact, most active shooters were known to the victims but no one seemed to have noticed irregularities. Our central platform condenses all this process under one umbrella.

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