I-see 22 in the service of airports

30 May

Airport security remains undoubtedly one of the most challenging areas of activity. Many countries' reluctance to use profiling techniques lies in the ignorance and false identity of this word. It is not true that profiling is race or ethnic based.

I-see 22 has developed a unique threat identification tool that is based on appearance, documentation, behavior and additional micro parameters in order to reach a rapid identification of the threat and select the method of operation and response. Early warning is what I-see 22 is all about! The early warning mechanisms should be part of any security apparatus and should involve additional security rings beyond security and Police. I-see 22 may be extended to different users based on clearance, hierarchy, functions and apparatus. Clearly, as long as the early warning arrives on time and is concrete organization can then really say that they are employing preventative measures. The algorithm is designed to avoid false positives or false negatives. When such threats occur, I-see 22 knows how to deliver the data to those that need to know.

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