I-sec 22 in the service of Natural Disasters

30 May

Our technology is a life saving platform for natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, Tsunamis and other scenarios due to the fact that it can alert in real time all people in the area of impact and give them suitable guidelines to follow. The chaos inherent to such an event is characterized by people that are panicked and not able to perform the required duties for such scenarios. Even a simple evacuation needs the right timing and will be subject to ongoing dynamics that are developing.

In addition, emergency services will be able to see where the people are due to a live map which is imperative in order to reach missing people and/or give dedicated directions on what to do. In addition, family members will be able to see the location of their close relatives. In such scenarios, the people involved will be able to receive ongoing directions on where to go, what to do, which evacuation path to select as this critical info will be flowing from the Operations room.

I-sec 22 is able to make any operations room become a proactive security ring rather than a passive tool which only serves in the post evaluation of what happened.

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