I-sec 22 brings harmony between reaction and response

30 May

The reaction of the people involved in a hostile situation such as a terror act or active shooter is vital in how the scenario will develop. I-sec 22 makes the victims become proactive regarding their life by giving them a tool which helps generate a reaction to a specific scenario. Not all scenarios require the same reaction and there are numerous parameters that are critical in the management of such events. One of the main reasons that explain the Police's unsuccessful management of terror attacks lies in the fundamental point that they were never trained to deal with these scenarios. Their eventual arrival on the scene is always accompanied by more time being wasted analyzing the unknown. 

I-sec 22 brings and delivers real time intelligence to those responding. Reaction is based on the activities carried when an emergency takes place and response depends on the Police's knowledge of concrete data. Therefore, I-sec 22 forces the people in the impact zone to react in order to survive, which in turn delivers critical data for a better and quicker Police response.

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