I-sec 22 becomes an operational tool for the security department

30 May

A security department is often confronted with numerous tasks in a routine mode. When the routine becomes a crisis or emergency the department needs to become a proactive reactionary department in order to neutralize and contain the threat. This line of action is very complex when you have to worry about the employees of the venue not knowing what to do, where to go etc.., making the security department not necessarily able to focus on the threat. I-sec 22 wanted to make the reaction of the security department a more resourceful activity with less disturbance from external factors in the theater of action. In this manner and with the execution of real time protocols and everyone knowing what to do we can use the resources of the security department for the neutralization of the threat. I-sec 22 makes the security department become much more effective and increases the response so that the threat can be neutralized as early as possible.

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