Condor security- A planet that creates smart solutions

30 May

Our multidisciplinary experience, creativity, knowledge of the adversary and humbleness has allowed us to build a special Condor Planet where our clients may select our unique services that best fir their requirements. We understand that politics, culture, topography and many other parameters affect organizations' priorities and objectives. Some clients are more prone to invest on equipment, others on prevention, while others on reaction and some on both.

However, these investments often cost a lot and do not bring results because there are crucial missing elements. The Condor Planet is the place where you can view and select these parameters in order to allocate your resources efficiently and most important, see results. The reality test is the only proof that your activities are in accordance with the capabilities of your adversaries.

In the Condor Planet, we take you through a unique experience where you can select from a resourceful list of critical components for your safety and security concerns. These pillars include the security culture, strategy, policy, doctrine, applicable intelligence, realistic procedures, selection of technology to support the human factor, training, vision and additional elements.

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