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About Us

About Us
Condor Security Apps is a division of Condor Security Enterprises which has developed a set of software and Apps for the defense, security, corporate, law enforcement and critical facilities industries. Our vast experience in the Defense, Security and Counter/Anti Terror industries has allowed us to develop unique products which deal with the most complex challenges in Safety and Security.The Products were developed through a symbiosis of Early Warning, Strategic Surprise of the Adversary, Threat Identification, Surgical responses and Hostile Situation Management. These pillars have served as the ground force for building a set of resilient solutions that can be used in real time and involve a proactive culture.
We succeeded in closing a Gap between identification of threat, Operational Intelligence and the Decision making process. We wanted to develop a set of tools that would support the human factor in carrying the required activities for managing different scenarios.
Five years later, and after development, we can truly confirm that our products have achieved these goals and can serve different organizations within their set of operations.

The Condor Security Apps will deliver the following pillars:
  • A Symbiosis of Prevention and Reaction
  • A Dedicated System for Rapid Identification
  • Early Warning and Response Under One Platform
  • Operational Systems for Terror, Radicalization, Security, Safety
  • Systems for Making Observation Become Identification
  • Operational Intelligence in Real Time
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Our Capabilities

Crisis MGT

A unique tool for the effective management of emergencies and hostile crisis.

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Suspect Identification

Use I-see 22 for identifying suspicious people and behavior which is indicative of something irregular.

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Live Intelligence

Actionable intelligence relies on the ability top collect, analyze and proactively act in real time.

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Live Maps

Our systems integrate live maps where you can view all your personnel....

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Multiple Operations

In a real event a system needs to perform multiple operations simultaneously....

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Multiple Scenarios

Hostile activities often manifest themselves with different scenarios...

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Live Video Incidents

I-know 22 delivers in full integration with I-sec 22 live video and....

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Zone Configuration

Our systems allow you to configure the zones in your...

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Our Apps

Operational Software and Apps for the Defense, Security, Terror, Corporate, Safety Sectors

A unique set of tools for your organization

We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in any of our products

The Team


Founder and CEO

30 years of experience in the security field, M.A in terror studies and a senior consultant to international corporations, governmental bodies and law enforcement agencies

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Team Lead - development

Eleven years of experience as native iOS and Android development. Deep knowledge and experience in JAVA, C++ and Javascript.

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Business Development

M.B.A and B.Sc, had worked with numerous technology companies. Devoted and totally Committed to the client's success.

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Project Manager

This is one of the team member slots you can have for your company. You can replace their picture and add any text you want here for describing your employees.

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System Operations

Extensive experience in system operations and extensive years of active work in designing, implementation of system operations

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UX and Design

Extensive experience in in graphic design: print & digital. Vast knowledge & understanding of UX and designing UI.



An attorney with extensive years of experience in International law, contracts, security and litigation

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Chief Instructor

Extensive experience in different sectors of security, terrorism, combat, and proactive security tactics

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Our Sites

Condor Security Enterprises

Condor Security Enterprises is a full scale security consulting and training institution...

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Condor Planet

A unique platform where Condor offers its clients a symbiosis of different.....

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A unique platform for identifying suspicious activity with a full scale dashboard....

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An emergency and crisis platform for rapid response to different scenarios your organization may face.

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Live incident video and pictures that depict a certain scenario within the venue.

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Below you may find different files for download which are PDFs of our products and a Form that you may fill so we can better understand your needs.

  1. Client Requested Software Application System.pdf
  2. Apps_Catalog_Template_2019_New_D.pdf


Our multidisciplinary experience, creativity, knowledge of the adversary and humbleness has allowed us to build a special Condor Planet where our clients may select our unique services that best fir their requirements.

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The collection of information by the adversary is the primal activity prior to any planning and executing of a hostile act. When this process is left undisturbed, there is a huge increase in the rate of success.

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The radicalization process which we have seen is usually a platform where many indicators are present but often connecting these dots becomes difficult. This difficulty is inherent in the fact that the platform and chain of command is not centralized and organizations are less worried about this phenomenon.

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Airport security remains undoubtedly one of the most challenging areas of activity. Many countries' reluctance to use profiling techniques lies in the ignorance and false identity of this word. It is not true that profiling is race or ethnic based.

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I -see 22 was developed in order to synchronize early warning with strategic surprise of the adversary. These 2 pillars are fundamental in detecting suspicious behavior as early as possible in order to mitigate the problem in the most surgical manner.

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In a crisis there are numerous actors and events tend to worsen extremely fast with an amplification of the respective scenarios or new ones emerging.

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Our technology is a life saving platform for natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, Tsunamis and other scenarios due to the fact that it can alert in real time all people in the area of impact and give them suitable guidelines to follow.

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The reaction of the people involved in a hostile situation such as a terror act or active shooter is vital in how the scenario will develop. I-sec 22 makes the victims become proactive regarding their life by giving them a tool which helps generate a reaction to a specific scenario.

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A security department is often confronted with numerous tasks in a routine mode. When the routine becomes a crisis or emergency the department needs to become a proactive reactionary department in order to neutralize and contain the threat.

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